Web Design, Done Right!

What do we mean by a good web design? Well, there is more to having just a website, and so you should read on for more! In today’s dynamic business environment, being absent from the internet could mean that you are out of business. Everything is going online, and this means that if your business cannot be found on the search engines, you are dimmed to fail. The reason is that customers usually pay attention to brands found on the search engines. 

www.tstcc.hk understands that, and that is why they strive to ensure their web presence does them justice with their good web design. To be a great Hong Kong Chiropractor (脊醫介紹) demands a great website.


By the look of the web design, the owners sought the help of a professional who understood that web design ought to be the priority before any company gets into marketing strategies. As a web designer, believe there are features that every site must have to be on a winning side. The reason is that the features highly determine a site’s performance when it comes to attracting clients to seek chiropractic help on this site. Here is an honest review of this website:

The website has an excellent design with a background that does not interrupt the text. The text is also sizeable enough for easier reading. Its narrow text columns make it easier to read and keep the information hierarchy clear.



Links are crucial for guiding the visitors to the most relevant pages on the website. In this site, they have located links very clearly, guiding people to where they can get more help n chiropractic. The links are of a different color from the text n the page making them visible and apparent to every visitor. One thing I like about the links n this website is the fact that the colors coordinate with the rest of the colors on the page, making them more attractive to the visitors.


The web design communicates clearly

The design used on this site is economical, which is a god thing since visitors may be discouraged by a huge number of paragraphs. The web design used here is doing the most with the least number of visual elements and cues. Four major factors that are taken into consideration here are; clarity, where all components designs are meaningful and not ambiguous) and simplicity (includes only crucial elements). Another factor is distinctiveness (it’s possible to differentiate properties of the items that are necessary, and emphasis (it’s feasible to perceive the most crucial elements.



This feature is crucial as it determines a visitors experience on the site. This site has a good web design as it uses navigation bars and buttons that help a visitor understand where they are on the site. Frames used are not obstructive for easier navigation. Within a few minutes, you can easily get all the information you need from the site.



What I love about the web design on this website is that graphics are interesting and relevant. They are sizeable, not too big; the background has colors that coordinate well for the visitors to get the appeal. 


As a web designer, other features that make this website’s design impressive are quick page download, relevant and proper use of elements, pages with visual impact, photos and subheadings, and consistent page displays. A website acts as a bridge between the service offered, and valuable traffic and so it needs to play its role in the best way possible, which is what the web design used here is doing!

9 Signs Your Website Design is Perfect

Your website is what your business looks like to the public. No need to explain how good website design can significantly boost your business. It goes without saying. Do you already have a website you are happy about? Go through the points listed below to and see how you feel. You have nothing to lose!
First Impressions Last
Remember when you first launched your website? How was the traffic? One week later? One month? The business? Thumbs up to all questions? Congrats! Your website made a statement! I suppose the website has the perfect layout. The right choice of colors, fonts, and display. The message or the purpose of the site comes out clear. The design itself goes well with the topic. It’s neither overdone nor plain, whatever the purpose is. Well-done!
Even Chanel can’t go without it
Chanel is not Chanel without the CC logo. It’s really impressive to have your own logo. It should summarize the whole story; simple yet making a splash. Place it at the top. The Image must be high quality and in the right colors. OMG! Colors can do magic!
My niece could surf it
Nowadays kids are smarter than elders, yet I suppose it’s the Web Design The site should be as user friendly as possible. Respect the visual preferences of your user. First thing first. The Design of your website should help the user see the important topics first. Keep in mind that the user won’t read the whole site. Again the main topics you want him to see first should be more eye-catchy. A good web designer should know this very well.
Need my space!
Suffocate the user. Add more and more stuff. Squeeze more images and links. Use and overuse each inch on the page. Congrats. You lost the users at the first sight! It’s very important that you stick to the visual basic guidelines. Rule number one: don’t stress the eyes. Again Users always scan, not read! All your excessive content will be in vain. Eyes will only notice colors and images and even text according to the page display. Make sure the “white” or the “Space” is something your user will cherish as well as the content.
Stop whining
Don’t bother your clients. When your client clicks the link that piqued his interest he assumes he will find the right content. Please don’t surprise him with annoying pop-ups, external links, or whatever irrelevant. In case you want him to check something you should smoothly include it in the article as though part of it. Offers or ads can be added to the page the right way. Simply apply the right visual design rules and they will see your ad. Never force your users. They will not be back. Period!
Everybody loves Images
Very true! Images speak louder. Images sum it all up. Make sure you are using the right image at the right place. The right image is simply the one that will trigger the decision of buying. The photo or image must be high quality. That’s very tempting. It should carry a clear message of the purpose of the site. It’s simple yet very important. Take care of the images and images will take care of you!
The Devil is in the Details
Especially if you are dealing with women! Seriously. Actually paying attention to details adds value to the design. You will have to keep it simple though. By details I mean perfection. Like top the display of the dress with a video with the model cat-walking. Such small details are convincing. Try it!
We heard you!
That’s a message every user needs to feel. The web is somewhere new for many people. Yes, till now some people are not familiar with doing business or any real thing via the internet. Don’t make them feel like they are lost in the wild. Leave some space for their comments, and questions. Actually that will add a touch of professionalism to the place. A good web design should facilitate communications!
Time is money
Make sure people won’t wait for long before your front page loads. Never! Don’t try their patience! I’ve been there! You’d rather work on the loading time. Many tricks are used like scaling images, enable browser caching, CSS optimization…and many other ideas any web pro should apply.
So?! Where do you find your web design? Hope you found that helpful!